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President Message 2013

chern-chee-hoong-pastry-chef-genting-president-messageDear Chefs, Friends and Colleagues,

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a fruitful year ahead in 2013.  I believe all of you are doing great and had a lot of good memories and remarkable achievements in the very successful year, 2012.

I just cannot imagine how time flies. I joined afresh the Chefs Association of Malaysia (CAM) way back in 1991.  It has been a wonderful 22 years for me as an active member in Chefs Association of Malaysia (CAM) and I am still going strong.  Having the opportunity to meet and interact with so many great leaders from the Malaysia Culinary Industry is what I treasure the most in CAM.

I am delighted to share with everyone that the greatest impact that ever happened in my career is through the opportunities that I have capitalized on while working in partnership with those great leaders.  I have been influenced in a positive manner and I learned the ethical way of handling matters from them.  And the great news is, most of these great leaders are still the pillars in the industry and they continue to contribute continuously towards the betterment of the industry.  These legends are the ones who have molded me to be who I am today.

Chefs Association of Malaysia (CAM) endeavors to work hand in hand with Malaysian chefs and take them along to be at par with world-class standards. Among many other matters and struggles along the way to accomplish our dreams, the achievement today is also because of the unconditional support that has been extended by our family members.  On behalf of all the great chefs, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our family members for their tolerance, forgiveness and understanding.

In the days to come, I promise to bring about my best to ensure the Chefs Association of Malaysia (CAM) achieves greater heights of success.  And I would like to extend my invitation to all of you to join us in the association and work together for the betterment of CAM.  The CAM Committee team has actually lined up many exciting programmes in the much awaiting year, 2013.

We will continuously update and enhance the content of latest happenings at CAM Website.  It is always believed that only by sharing, we will then be improving.  Therefore, the rest can be assured that through our official Website, you will obtain relevant information about the Chefs Association of Malaysia (CAM), latest updates, current activity photos and the past achievements as well.  On top of that, CAM will review the benefits of joining the association for our chefs and their family members as well. CAM has plans to equip our chefs with more knowledge through further education which is internationally recognized, especially in the area of kitchen.   

We are always committed to work closely with our corporate members in developing business from all possible aspects.  The association will initiate and organize many activities and events to keep the network active.  At local level, Culinaire Malaysia FHM 2013 will be held.  At some time around, Asian President Forum and WACS Judging seminar will also be organized.

Chef Association of Malaysia (CAM) is also actively nurturing local talents in the culinary industry.  We are aggressively scouting for talents to represent Malaysia in the International Competitions.  The Malaysia Pastry Cup is the platform that we leverage on to select National Pastry Team candidates to represent Malaysia for world class pastry competitions in Singapore, France and USA.  Besides that, Culinaire Malaysia event is the avenue for us to select the best team to form the National Culinary Team to represent Malaysia at International Competitions, for example The IGEHO2013- Basel (Salon Culinaire Mondia 2013).

Well, I am sure by now we have a very clear road map of where the Chefs Association of Malaysia (CAM) is heading towards.  However, should you have any constructive ideas on how things can be improved in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once again, I would like to wish all of you to have wonderful moments with your family, loved ones and many food lover friends in year 2013.  Looking forward to see everyone in togetherness!  

Thank you!

With Friendship,

Chef Chern Chee Hoong
President of Chefs Association of Malaysia

Executive Pastry Chef
M : +6012 206 6903



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